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What does it mean when he likes you but doesn't want a relationship?

If a person tells you that they don't want a relationship but they still like you, this is an indication that you're chasing someone who is emotionally unavailable. Before jumping into something new, whether it's casual or serious - and even before your very first date with a new person!

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Thereof, can a guy love you but not want a relationship?

If you know your man loves you and if he's told you as much, then he might be pulling away from a relationship because he's simply scared of feeling this way. It could be the first time he's ever been in love with someone. For guys, this can be a difficult emotion to process. For us women, emotions are easy. Why does he keep me around if he doesn't want a relationship? A guy who says he doesn't want a relationship but keeps you around anyway is a guy who is most likely insecure. A guy who is insecure has difficulty making clear decisions. He says he doesn't want to be in a relationship, but he then wavers, wondering if he's made the right choice.

What do you do when a guy doesn't want a relationship?

When a man says he doesn't want to be in a relationship, the first thing to say is, "I understand." Then, say nothing else. Pause, wait, and then he will magically begin to respond and explain his reasons. If at no point you argued with him, or tried to discount and change his mind, you have accomplished step one. Can you like someone but not want a relationship? When you really like someone but don't want a relationship, what do you want? Yes, it's extremely normal. Liking a guy, is a matter about your feelings towards him. While to be or not to be in a relationship, is a matter of establishing a social contract.

Why does he act like my boyfriend but says he doesn't want a relationship?

It could be a red flag if a guy acts like a boyfriend but doesn't want the title. He might be keeping his options open to other people. He could be using you for something. He wants the security of a relationship but doesn't want to commit fully.

Why does he keep texting me if he doesn't want a relationship?

If he is a little insecure or lonely, the feeling he gets when you text him back probably feels amazing ? and so he wants to keep feeling it. This means he's going to keep texting you even if he's not interested in anything more. Should I wait for someone who isn't ready for a relationship? Waiting can help solidify your partner's decision, but even more importantly, it creates a healthier dynamic for long-lasting relationships. In fact, rather than rushing into a major commitment, taking it slow builds a connection that you'll both strive to maintain.

By Samford Shweta

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