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Why does he keep contacting me if he doesn't want a relationship?

He's insecur. A guy who says he doesn't want a relationship but keeps you around anyway is a guy who is most likely insecure. A guy who is insecure has difficulty making clear decisions. He says he doesn't want to be in a relationship, but he then wavers, wondering if he's made the right choice.

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Why does he keep contacting me after breakup?

If the relationship ended on bad terms or your ex feels the break up was their fault, they may be texting you out of guilt and a desire to make things right. If you were the one to break things off, your ex could be reaching out in order to get some closure.

Moreover, why does he act like my boyfriend but says he doesn't want a relationship?

It could be a red flag for many reasons when a guy acts like a boyfriend but doesn't want the title. He could be keeping his options open to date, other people. He could be using you for financial or sexual reasons. He could like the security of a relationship but doesn't want to commit fully. Keeping this in consideration, when a guy doesn't want a serious relationship? When a man says he doesn't want to be in a relationship, the first thing to say is, "I understand." Then, say nothing else. Pause, wait, and then he will magically begin to respond and explain his reasons. If at no point you argued with him, or tried to discount and change his mind, you have accomplished step one.

How do you know a guy only wants to sleep with you?

The man who wants to sexually use you doesn't need much kissing or touching. His body is ready for the sex act quickly and he's not thinking about your satisfaction. He's thinking only about his gratification. You are a sexual object to him. Why do men pull away? Many men pull away because they are afraid of getting hurt, afraid of coming on too strong, and afraid of commitment. A mature man doesn't pull away from a woman he likes for very long. When men pull away, give him space but not silence. Express your honest feelings about his absence, but don't punish him emotionally.

Why does my narcissistic ex keep contacting me?

The habit of staying in contact with their exes is something that a lot of narcissists do. She says that the main motivator for narcissists is validation. An ex is an interesting place to get it.

How do you know he doesn't want a relationship?

One of the clear signs that he's not interested in having a relationship with you is that he's distracted and disengaged when you're together. If his mind is elsewhere, he's checking out mentally, and he doesn't seem present, he's actually presenting you with clear evidence that you're not of much importance to him. Thereof, how do you know if a man is secretly in love with you? 30 surprising signs someone secretly loves you 1) They defend you. 2) They make themselves available. 3) They're curious about you. 4) You have deep conversations. 5) They get jealous. 6) They find excuses to touch you. 7) They tease you. 8) They avoid talking about other love interests.

By Nikolaus Hillwig

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