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What can I ask tarot cards?

Questions for your tarot spread What is the relationship's current energy? What's the root cause of the split? What are their true feelings for me right now? What are their intentions to me now? What is the future nature of this relationship? What's the best step for me to take now?

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Can I ask my tarot cards anything?

It's possible to ask tarot cards just about anything. The tarot is beautiful. The tarot cards do not judge. You can ask your cards yes or no questions, but you probably want more information than just a simple yes or no answer.

How do you clean your first tarot card?

Here's how to cleanse tarot cards in four easy steps Meditate. Simply take a minute to relax and clear your mind of any thoughts. Burn sage and pass each card through the smoke. Pack the cards up with bay leaves. And finally, put a crystal on top for protection. Subsequently, what is the difference between angel cards and oracle cards? They help encourage growth benevolently, but inclusive as a Tarot card deck can have higher and more in-depth meanings and messages. With an Oracle deck style of 36-44 cards, an Angel Card deck is focused on thematic yet uplighting messages meant to be interpreted as a takeaway message for the day or week.

Correspondingly, where do angel cards come from?

There are numerous decks available by various Angel Card Authors, and they can be bought from bookshops, new age/spiritual shops - also by mail order on-line. Some decks have the full Angelic messages on the cards, others have a short message and a guidebook which expands on the full meaning. How accurate are Tarot readings? "As per my experience, I can claim upto ninety per cent accuracy in my readings," says Madhu. "We cannot claim absolute accuracy. But can palmistry or astrology claim the same?" asks Mita. The opinion of the people who have visited tarot card readers is also divided depending on the results they have got.

What questions can u ask tarot cards?

What is the relationship's current energy? What is the root cause of the split? What feelings do they have for me right now? What are their intentions now? What is the nature of this relationship in the future? What is the best course of action for me now?

Keeping this in consideration, what is the difference between an oracle reading and a tarot reading?

Oracle can be whatever you feel called for it to be, making it more appealing for many. While tarot speaks to card reading tradition, oracle adds a deeper meaning to your readings and adds an extra layer of intuition. Are oracle cards magic? Contrary to popular belief, Tarot cards are not a magic trick or fortune telling machine. They are instead a sacred mirror that, through a process known as synchronicity, removes the disconnect between your inner and outer self.

Are oracle cards easier to learn?

That said, an oracle deck is usually easier. They're more straight-forward and designed with the express purpose of having some cards drawn from them. They're typically accessible and don't really require that you dive into a small library of books in order to understand it.

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