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How does changing your name affect you?

Once the name change has taken place legally, you may not be able to use any of your former documents. Another factor to consider, a name change can have an impact on your taxes. The names on your tax return much match Social Security Administration records.

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What are the disadvantages of changing your name?

There are drawbacks to a name Chang. It is not free first and foremost. You will have to pay for the petition to be changed. The cost in most states is less than a few hundred dollars, but it could be prohibitive for some people.

What do Proverbs 22 1 mean?

Proverbs mentions certain virtues which indicate the path of wisdom/righteousness and vices that show the way of the wicked/foolish. Thus, Prov 22:1 teaches that it is virtuous to choose a good name above riches. The Hebrew ??????(riches) is from the root ??????, meaning to be rich or to enrich. What does it mean to have a great name? noun. A person's high standing among others: dignity, good report, honor, prestige, reputation, repute, respect, status.

Keeping this in consideration, what is the value of a good name?

In Proverbs we find that "a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold" (Proverbs 22:1). We cannot isolate ourselves from those around us. Our good name can be a special valued asset worth more than the riches of the world. Keeping this in consideration, do names affect appearance? New scientific research has found that we subconsciously act like our names and the stereotypes associated with them. Apparently, our names can even affect how we act! Experts have found that matching names to faces is easy because we all naturally alter our appearances to fit with society's expectations of names.

What are the benefits of changing your name?

There are many benefits to changing your name. It can give you a fresh start. A legal name change can be very empowering if you want to put a difficult past behind you, escape the attentions of a stalker or start fresh.

Does your name define yourself?

Your identity includes unique characteristics that distinguish you from others, but it also can include your self-esteem and self-awareness. It's a process. When you are born, you are given an identity through your name. A name helps differentiate you from others.

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