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Did the 5th Dimension play at Woodstock?

The 5th Dimension were the featured act of a, CBS broadcast of highlights from the Harlem Cultural Festival, the "Black Woodstock" gathering in Mount Morris Park that drew 300,000 festival attendees over six shows.

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Did Bob Dylan live near Woodstock?

Dylan lived in Woodstock and bought a house in the artist community of Byrdcliffe, where he was recovering from a motorcycle crash. The band, whose drummer Levon Helm was living in Memphis but would rejoin the group in Woodstock that fall, took to mountain life.

People also ask what type of song is aquarius?

sunshine pop Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In "Medley: Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures)" Recorded 1968 Genre Psychedelic soul, sunshine pop Length 4:49 (Album Version) 3:50 (Promo Single Edit) Label Soul City 10 more rows How do Aquarius deal with anger? Aquarius has one answer to anger or conflict: run. When it comes to anger, Aquarius would much rather head for the hills and do their own thing than hash things out, so don't expect to hear the words "we need to talk" from this sign anytime soon.

One may also ask how do you make an aquarius jealous?

Here's how to make an Aquarius man obsessed with you: Play hard to get. Aquarius men love the chase and will find you more appealing if you play hard to get. Don't be the jealous type. Surprise him. Be mysterious. Be independent. Can I trust Aquarius girl? As their ancient ruler Saturn suggests, Aquarius is a very loyal zodiac sign, sometimes to a fault. Trust though, just because an Aquarius woman will work with someone, doesn't mean that they are dedicated to the person. They are married to the causes that they believe in.

What dimension are we living in now?

How does the 4th Dimension look? The Three Dimensional World is also known as the 3-D World. The world we can see and observe is made up of three things: length, breadth and height.

You can also ask do aquarius mood swings?

Aquarius can easily gain control over their mood swings by indulging in the activities which usually give them a dopamine release. It can range from anything - be it their interest in cooking, eating some delicious food, shopping for their favourite things, or any other activity.

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