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What is shadow work in spirituality?

Suspend judgement on yourself : Shadow work is a practice of healing and self-growth, which means that it requires surrender and acceptance. Instead of attacking everything that you don't want to think, feel, or address, go into this process with an attitude of compassion for yourself and your experiences.

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What triggers shadow work?

Anything that brings up an emotion is a Trigger. If you don't address the negative triggers like words or phrases, routines or even places, you can lead to an increase in stress and allow your shadow to grow.

Also, what is shadow energy?

Shadow is a zapping energy that lurks in the area of emotional suffering caused to oneself or to another. It is often easy to recognize someone else's shadow energy because it is not unconscious to us. It is recognizable it in the behavior of someone who is 'acting out' or conversely, someone who appears emotionless. Thereof, what is mean by reversed? 1a : to turn completely about in position or direction. b : to turn upside down : invert. c : to cause to take an opposite point of view reversed herself on the issue. 2 : negate, undo: such as. a : to overthrow, set aside, or make void (a legal decision) by a contrary decision.

How do you read a reverse card?

What does the reversed death tarot card mean? Death Reverse. Upright, Death is a card of transformation and typically refers to needing to start over by letting go of the past. In the reversed position, Death can mean that you are on the verge of meaningful change but are resisting it.

Can you do shadow work by yourself?

Shadow work can be difficult if you've been through trauma. If you feel ill-equipped to handle pain, suffering, or fear that comes from the shadow sides of yourself, it's time to seek the help of a licensed professional.

Why do I keep pulling the Death card?

If you asked the cards a question related to your career or finances and you pulled Death upright, it likely signals that something in that sphere of your life needs to change or end. It could be the job entirely or some facet of that job like a particular project.

By Lewison Pesick

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