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Is it conscious or conscience?

Though they sound similar, conscience is a noun referring to the awareness that one's actions are right or wrong, as in one's "guilty conscience," while conscious is an adjective meaning "awake" or "alert." If you were asleep you would be "unconscious." To keep them straight, remember to stay conscious of what your

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Do I have a conscious?

In the most general terms, it means being awake and aware. Some experts suggest that you are considered conscious of something if you are able to put it into words. Not only can you be conscious-as in awake-but you can also be conscious-as in aware-of your thoughts and feelings. Also, how do you use conscience in a sentence? He had a conscience void of any modern evil thoughts. So, Count, there never is any negligence in my company, and so my conscience was at ease. Even kids have a conscience . He won't want anyone with a conscience .

What is clear and concise?

Writing clearly and concisely means choosing your words deliberately and precisely, constructing your sentences carefully to eliminate deadwood, and using grammar properly. By writing clearly and concisely, you will get straight to your point in a way your audience can easily comprehend. You can also ask why conscience is important in our life? A conscience which is both well formed (shaped by education and experience) and well informed (aware of facts, evidence and so on) enables us to know ourselves and our world and act accordingly. Seeing conscience in this way is important because it teaches us ethics is not innate.

What is budget conscious?

Having an awareness of costs.

What is good conscious?

phrase. If you say that you cannot do something in all conscience, in good conscience, or in conscience, you mean that you cannot do it because you think it is wrong. She could not, in good conscience, back out on her deal with him. What are the benefits of a good conscience? Benefits of a Good Conscience KNOW GOD: The conscience allows us to KNOW God who has been defined in. LOVE: Through the conscience, God makes known to us His great and never-changing love for us personally. PLAN: Through the conscience, we discover God's plan for our lives.

By Eulalie Lunnon

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