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Can I use playing cards as tarot cards?

If reading tarot has stumped you and all other forms of divination don't really seem accessible, this may be for you. Telling fortunes by using regular playing cards is commonly called cartomancy. Reading playing cards is really easy and fun, and it can be as complicated or simple as you make it out to be.

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Can you use normal playing cards as tarot cards?

Did you know that you can do a reading with a regular deck of playing cards? Anyone can try this practice.

What does the Joker mean in fortune telling?

He corresponds to The Fool in the Tarot deck and has some of the same meanings in the regular deck of playing cards. His number is zero and he is truly a "wild card." When the Joker appears in a reading, it means that something unexpected and uncontrolled can occur.

By Ruffina Ribelin

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