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What does the 3 of Cups mean yes or no?

Three of Cups Tarot Meaning. When the Three of Cups appears upright in a reading, it is a positive sign that points to celebrations and wins on many different levels. Overall, the card foresees good times to come and a cause for celebration is in your future.

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What does 5 of cups mean in yes or no?

The five cups represent grief, sadness, and feeling at your lowest. The intense emotion you feel is likely the result of a traumatic event in your life. This card means that the answer to your question is no.

What Tarot card means friendship?

The Three of Cups is a card of celebration, friendship, sisterhood, and creative collaborations. And another question, what does the 3 of clubs mean in tarot? wealthy partner and successful marriage 3 of Clubs: A wealthy partner and successful marriage. 4 of Clubs: Deceit or betrayal, potentially by a friend. 5 of Clubs: New friends and support. 6 of Clubs: Success and prosperity, financial help. 7 of Clubs: Success in business with potential trouble from a romantic partner.

What does the 10 of diamonds mean?

The 10 of diamonds represents the lots of joy and goodness that life really is comprised of, but when we act in a selfish, overly-independent, prideful, controlling way, forego our creativity and only focus on material gains and not our inner self-mastery, life can feel joyless, difficult and lonely. Thereof, is 9 of diamonds yes or no? Nine of diamonds is a bad card without a clear meaning of its own. It just spoils everything that is nearby. Next to a heart it announces troubles in love. Next to another diamond it means a dispute.

Subsequently, what does 7 clubs mean?

The Seven of Clubs person has responsibility toward honesty and integrity. Indicated by a Jack of Spades Supporting Karma Card (+KC), they can be slippery and deceiving when under stress or align with their spiritual Seven nature to express the higher vibration offered by the Jack of Spades.

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