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Whats the King of Diamonds mean in tarot?

King of Diamonds meaning in Cartomancy and Tarot - ?? Cardarium ?? The King of Diamonds represents a blond man, self-important, haughty, fearsome, deceitful; in a word, a bad man. He is quick to anger, determined and revengeful. This card often signifies a man in a dangerous occupation.

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Whats the word when you dont know whats going to happen next?

The Latin word inevitabilis means unavoidable. Even if you come up with a plan to get around it, it's going to happen sooner or later.

What is my Gemini?

Zodiac sign chart Zodiac Sign English name Period of birth Gemini The Twins May 21 - June 20 Cancer The Crab June 21 - July 22 Leo The Lion July 23 - August 23 Virgo The Maiden August 24 - September 22 8 more rows

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