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What were the dates of Mercury retrograde in 2019?

The first Mercury retrograde of 2019 was in March. The second began July 7 and will end July 31. Another is expected to occur October 31. But the world isn't ending every time Mercury retrogrades, or any other planet for that matter.

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Moreover, is mercury in retrograde march 2020?

When is Mercury in retrograde in 2020? This year, Mercury was in retrograde from Feb. 17 to March 10, and from June 18 to July 12. Its final retrograde of the year starts this month on Oct. One may also ask when was the last time mercury was in retrograde 2019? October 31 This event happens three times a year with the final 2019 retrograde arriving on October 31 and lasting until November 20-just in time for Halloween and Brexit.

How does Mercury retrograde affect me?

Retrogrades have a way of stirring up insecurities, which could lead you down an obsessive path if you're worried about what others are up to when you're not around. Another major theme for you during this retrograde will be self-care and personal boundaries. Consequently, where was mercury in 2019? Bottom line: Our solar system's innermost planet, Mercury, passes directly in front of the sun on.

What were the dates of Mercury retrograde in 2017?

Don't freak out yet. The Mercury retrograde will last several weeks through May 3, according to the Astrology Zone.

In respect to this, how many retrogrades are there in 2019?

During the year 2019, the planet Jupiter will have one retrograde motion. Then, what signs will be affected by mercury retrograde 2021? The Signs This Mercury Retrograde Will Affect the Mos. That includes Aries (cardinal fire), Cancer (cardinal water), and Capricorn (cardinal earth). Aries, you'll feel it in your seventh house of partnership, Cancer, in your fourth house of home life, and Cap, in your tenth house of career.

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