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Can you ask tarot cards anything?

You can ask tarot cards just about anything! That is the beauty of the tarot. Tarot cards don't judge. You could ask your cards yes or no questions, but you probably want more information than just a simple yes or no answer.

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What do you say before a tarot reading?

Before a Tarot reading, you may like to say an incantation such as the following: "Love surrounds me. Faith supports me. Wisdom guides me." Accordingly, how do you get the answers to tarot cards?

Does it matter what kind of tarot deck you use?

If you want to use your tarot cards for your own personal readings, then you can pretty much choose any deck you like the look of, just as long as it comes with a guidebook to help you understand the meanings of each card. How do you pick cards after shuffling?

Can you ask tarot cards how someone feels about you?

It usually is about you. It usually is about you. It's not a good idea to ask tarot cards about how he feels about me. The cards respond to you because you are the one communicating with them.

Are there different types of tarot cards?

What do the different types of tarot cards mean? Though design varies greatly, all tarot decks are uniform in a couple of ways. Each includes 78 cards divided into two groups: the major and minor arcana. You can also ask can i ask the tarot how someone feels about me? Because it usually is about you. Because it usually is about you. "How does he feel about me" isn't a good question to ask tarot cards, becuase that's not really how they work. You are the one communicating with the cards, and so, the cards respond to you.

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