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Can cats find their way home if lost?

Yes, cats can return home many days, weeks, months, and even years after they wandered off or were lost. According to the Lost Pet Research project, there were reports of cats traveling 50-80 miles in 2.5 years, 38 miles in 6 months, 30 miles in 10 days, and 20 miles in 21 days. So if your cat is lost, keep up hope.

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Can cats smell their way home?

Cats have a special ability called a homing instinct that helps them find their way back home. Evidence supports the idea that cats can use the earth's geomagnetic fields to locate their homes, although we don't know how it works.

Why cats show you their Buttholes?

As it turns out, when your cat flashes its butthole to you it's really just their own version of a handshake. Because cats are territorial by nature, the "butt scent" is one way they communicate who they are and allow other animals to know what they've laid claim to. Keeping this in consideration, do cats like being picked up? Most cats enjoy being up high because they have a better view of their territory, but in many cases they want to achieve those heights on their own terms. Other cats may have a related reason for resisting restraint - and, let's face it, being picked up and held is a form of restraint, even if it's meant lovingly.

Do cats like being talked to?

Even though you and your cat don't exactly speak the same language, experts say talking to them like you would a friend or family member will ultimately strengthen the bond you share.

By Arabele Strevel

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