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What is Taurus worst match?

Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the worst match for Taurus. These two zodiac signs are intrinsically different from each other.

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Are Virgos crazy?

Virgos, like Scoripos, rank pretty high on the crazy ex list for the same reason: they are the ones you don't expect. On the surface, your Virgo ex is so chill about everything that went down, and yet boiling not far under the surface are all of their paranoid and explosive tendencies. Why Virgo are so mean? Virgos have a very uptight personality i.e they are known as the 'perfectionist' who seeks perfection even in the tiniest detail. This very trait of theirs can be very spiteful because they tend to get very petty, behind others' back. And, they love to complain, a lot.

How many babies will a Virgo have?

Virgos are known for their perfectionism, so they may steer away from having a large family. They'll likely limit the size of their family, perhaps to one child, so they can give them a great life. "Because Virgos like order and neatness, they may find it easier to care for a single child than several," Alexander says. Then, are virgos controlling? They have their views and beliefs, and will not budge on them. They can be close-minded and that tends to make them controlling because they only see things one way. Virgos are hardworking and always have their eye on the prize. This can lead them to be controlling at times.

One may also ask are virgo manipulative?

As one of the smartest zodiac signs, Virgos know exactly how to outsmart others, especially their competitors. Their perfectionist attitude could sometimes extend to manipulation. They will plan out a whole scenario step-by-step to put you in the worst possible position, without you seeing it coming.

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